Reviews of Laurie's Creative works

Rise Overflows

"“Rise” by award winning poet Laurie Darroch-Meekis sings a rapturous song of Love, her void refilled to overflowing. And though insecurity and old self doubts still whisper in her mind, those moments are quickly vanquished by the closeness, the touch, the intense craving and merging of two souls become one."


Autumnal Reverie Opens the Gates of Eden

"A forest in autumn, a cathedral ceiling buttressed by tall trees and the arches of their branches, sunlight through the leaves creates the illusion of stained glass: award-winning poet Laurie Darroch-Meekis is in her place of worship, walking on holy ground, inspired to reverence."



"This reader is almost ashamed for a bias that the intensity of the poet rarely succeeds in crossing over to the more relaxed media of the short story. “Kleio” clearly proves Darroch-Meekis is a master of both."   R. Arend


Elements of Time

"Elements of Time is a compilation of short stories, peppered with a few poems, all penned by winners of one of the many short story contests sponsored by Accentuate Writers. Newbies to seasoned writers are represented in this collection, each with a story to tell. Every reader is sure to have a few favorites; mine are the poems by Laurie Darroch-Meekis, especially "In the Round", " Lost or Found", and "Seed."  Elizabeth Grace


A Day at the Museum

"Does she peek into a fracture in time? Feel a sense of being in many places and their times all at once? Could she have once been the painter? the painter's subject? "A Day at the Museum” may well be the poet’s quiet stroll through all the days and nights of her lives."


Cancer Against Poetry

A review of the book HERE.

Lost or Found

"Darroch-Meekis, stands defiant against acceptance that time has run out for her youthful hopes and expectations and, by example, attempts to rescue the rest of us from the lure of such defeatism. Our dreams cannot die unless we give up on them, the poet teaches."



"With “Seed”, the poet marvels that life begins by passion. Innocence manifests and grows, isolated but content. Does the developing fetus hear its mother’s heartbeat over the accelerated beat of its own? Did its soul pick that particular womb as most suited to its own plans for its own life?

The path to life, first breath, runs with blood, the poet muses. She knows that first cry heralds many more. It will be identified by gender, then, and for the rest of his or her life: a mirror to the face of either parent


In the Round

"The poet marvels how  can encompass all three dimensions of past, present, and future, when a memory can define her present and, in a moment of brief clarity, reveal a time she has yet to live. In the mind of the poet, a moment born dies instantly, when present morphs into the past, curving until linked to a future moment to form a circle; then all time becomes one."


Rise, Autumnal Reverie, Kleio

"Laurie Darroch-Meekis gives a sensual portrayal of intimacy in her poem, Rise and in Autumnal Reverie, she exalts the glory of nature at its finest. Kleio is the story of a most unusual flea market find."  Cathy Urbanski


Native Moon

"Native Moon is simply superb writing."


Native Moon

""Native Moon" merges so deliciously the world in front of our eyes and the mystical world our spirits whisper to us about. Laurie proved with "Native Moon" she can not only be an entertaining storyteller, but an immensely brilliant writer as well."

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