Date 04/19/2016
By Smithc183
Subject John

Immigration ...the time to read or check out the content or sites we have linked to below the... kkbfbkeeebdfdkec

Date 04/09/2011
By Farah
Subject Sayin hello!

Marhaba Laurie! You got a beautiful site, it's so clean, neat and organized. Looking forward to reading your stories.

Date 03/02/2016
By Fadir
Subject Re: Sayin hello!

some men in this region wear too long pants/trousers

Date 12/06/2010
By Ivan Stoikov - Allan Bard
Subject Great works!

Hi!Your works look great! Keep the good work going! Will be glad to have some of them in the future!

Date 05/31/2010
By your husband... Dee
Subject awesome site, awesome work, awesome... just awesome

I remember when we took that picture.... was a great day. i'll read and reread anything you put on paper... never a boring read. Proud of you.

Date 02/19/2009
By Terrie Schultz
Subject Well done!

Beautiful job, the colors and photo all flow together so nicely. Very well done!

Date 02/16/2009
By Jo Brielyn
Subject I love the site!

Laurie, congrats on finishing your author's website. It's beautiful. I absolutely love the photo you chose. It feels great to see the list of accomplishments growing longer each day, too, doesn't it?

Date 02/14/2009
By Linda St.Cyr
Subject Stopping By...

What a beautiful site. Best of luck in all your endeavours :)

Date 02/13/2009
By Brittany C.

I love your author site! <3 It really does describe you quite perfectly, and I am proud to prance around telling everyone that I know this fantastic writer (of course I'm talking about you!)

All my love and hopes and dreams to come!

Date 02/13/2009
By Marilyn
Subject Congratulations!

Way to go! You deserve the best in life and I hope this starts to turn things around for you. You are always in my thoughts.


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